Web Developer

Web Developer

Always evolving web developer, team leader and server administrator with 20 years experience.


My interest in Photography is tightly coupled with my interest in the outdoors. Events, Studio and Outdoor photography.
Graphic Artist

Graphic Artist

Vector based design & layout has been my major forte as well as advanced image manipulation and website design.


Fly fishing, Offroading, Archery and Camping are my release. I spend a great deal of time in the outdoors enjoying what nature gives us.

brisket seo

BrisketSEO for Joomla 3

This Joomla 3.0 plugin gives you the ability to set different title configurations & separator.

Named for a story I was told about why for many generations the family always cut the ends off the brisket. One day the young son asked his mother why, and her answer was because thats how her mother taught her. This answer repeated up the chain of grandmother, great grandmother etc until the actual reason was discovered. "Because we had a small oven and had to cut the ends off to fit in it"... Thats right, for generations and possibly thousands of briskets prepared, the ends were wasted because "thats just the way I know how to do it."

This plugin was inspired by a SEO guy I knoww who was losing sleep because of Joomla's default dash separator for page titles. While he didn't know WHY, he had always used a pipe as the separator, and he was compelled to keep doing it. So much that he was going through and setting custom page titles just to change it from a dash to a pipe across hundreds of pages on some sites!

This insanity led me(and co-workers) to do some research as to the "WHY" and I decided it would be nice to have a site wide option to override the default if needed in certain cases. And while Joomla! can override the title on a per-page basis, if you needed the bulk of your pages to be displayed with a | instead of the default "-" you would have had to go in and set the Page Title for each one of them. This plugin will do that work for you.


What it does:

Switch between Joomla Default, [sitename] - [pagetitle]  or [pagetitle] - [sitename]

Set custom title for "Homepage" as well as choose options for its display.

Change the default Joomla separator from "-" to something else like "|"






v1.2 - Plugin option overhaul, added descriptions and config checks

v1.1 - Minor cosmetic fixes

v1.0 - Initial Release


LAMP - Linux Apache MySql PHP
Redhat Linux
Joomla CMS
WordPress CMS
Adobe Photoshop
Corel Draw

Jason is a technically proficient web developer / programmer who has repeatedly proved himself as an adept student of technology. His ability to work with people in a team environment and to find himself leading that team is one of many facets that set him apart from many other technology professionals at his level. His eye for design and imagery is equaled only by his know how and can-do attitude.

Jorden Perrett - Creative Director - Review360, at Pearson

I have worked with Jason for 3 years and have seen him apply a broad, deep base of skills working with databases, web sites, and systems. While this has been primarily in a LAMP realm it also extended into Microsoft technologies and servers. Solely responsible for the company’s external facing E-Commerce site he has shown great technical skills and delivered enhancements that enabled the site to scale to meet all corporate needs with great success. Jason regularly reached out and contributed to the broader IT needs in the area of system and OS configuration / support / troubleshooting with great success and possesses significant skills in this area in addition to his development capabilities.

I can highly recommend Jason and would gladly work with him again should an opportunity present itself.

Bryan Fabean - Information Systems Manager at AVAD LLC, a subsidiary of Ingram Micro, Inc.