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Soggy Bread Carp Fly


crystal gardens_carp-6_3_11

I've been experimenting with surface/surface film flies for carp lately trying to perfect an easy to tie, solid producer. After about 2 dozen carp and countless missed strikes and break-offs, I think I've finalized my Soggy Bread Carp Fly.

 The fly was inspired by a conversation I had with a couple buddies while fishing some local urban ponds about carp and bread. Figuring that a lot of the urban ponds get the duck feeders, I'm sure the carp have keyed into the fact that bread is edible and what it looks like floating in the surface film.

So one morning before heading out to the ponds I tied up a couple of experimental flies using some foam and pseudo herl. A very ugly and simple fly, but it looked like a piece of soggy bread floating in the surface film when cast out. I had success the first day out with the fly casting it in front of the carp as they were sucking on the surface. Catching them topwater was a whole new experience, much like dry flies for trout.

I've made a few refinements to the design over the months, but have a solid producer now for urban carp. I've found that even if the carp are not hitting the surface, you can entice them into sucking in your fly by getting it close as they are cruising.

So I present to you, the Soggy Bread Carp Fly.


Materials Needed:

  • Size 10-12 Dry Fly Hook
  • White or Tan thread
  • 1/4" wide Strip of Light Tan Foam
  • Tan Pseudo Herl or something "Swimmy" dubbed and picked out
  • Superglue

As usual, Click any of the images for larger view. 

Start by laying down a base of thread on the hook shank, you'll need this to stick the foam to.

soggy bread_fly_step01



Tie down your Pseudo Herl or other dubbing. Other things you could use would be dubbed on tan marabou, or some soft dubbing spun loosely. What you are after is that soggy edge of the bread as it bobs in the surface film look.soggy bread_fly_step02



Cut 2 pieces of foam a little longer than hook shank. Put a drop of glue on your wraps and stick one of the foam pieces on top of the hook, leave enough room to tie off the fly, usually hanging the foam off about a half tail's length.

soggy bread_fly_step03



Glue the second piece to the first.

soggy bread_fly_step04



Wrap your thread back and to the front again to make 2 segments in the foam, not too tight, but enough to dimple the foam so the wraps of pseudo herl have somewhere to sit without sliding off on the first cast.

soggy bread_fly_step05



Wrap the pseudo herl forward 2 wraps. Secure at the eye of the hook and trim excess.

soggy bread_fly_step06



Whip Finish and you're done...

soggy bread_fly_step07


The fly when wet should sit in the surface film as the herl and foam fight eachother, one floats the other wants to soak up water and sink. This is a really ugly fly, and I think its fitting for the fish we're chasing with them! On a side note, I've caught Bass, Bluegill and Tilapia on this fly as well, I wonder what they think it is? 

soggy bread_fly_01soggy bread_fly_02soggy bread_fly_03