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Getting Better...

Jason 3D-Antelope-35yrds

3 Arrows @ 35 yards, I think I'm getting better...


Soggy Bread Carp Fly


crystal gardens_carp-6_3_11

I've been experimenting with surface/surface film flies for carp lately trying to perfect an easy to tie, solid producer. After about 2 dozen carp and countless missed strikes and break-offs, I think I've finalized my Soggy Bread Carp Fly.


Bluegill Candy Hopper

bluegill_hopper_juan_thumb_medium300_225Bluegill Candy Hopper fly pattern adopted from the Hopper Juan pattern.

These are a great Panfish fly in all colors. I tie them in Greens, Tan, Brown, Orange and the Black and Raspberry shown in the video. All colors work great, some more than others depending on the conditions.

- Size 12 Dry-Fly hook
- 2mm and 1mm Craft foam
- Contrasting thread
- Superglue


Arizona Wanderings Logo

Every other week a few friends and I get together and tie flies and B.S. for a couple hours. During one of these get togethers Ben from Arizona Wanderings mentioned he was working to get a new logo made for his great blog. I immediately had a couple ideas pop into my head and emailed him later that evening looking for some thoughts about what he was looking for etc. Within a week we had a final product from inception to logo. Ben was great to work with, and I hope he enjoys his new logo and look.



Carp Chow Fly

carp chow08I've been having luck recently with a very simple tie run as a dropper to a size 12 Olive/Gray Simi-Seal leech.

This combination works great when casting to cruising, tailing or even rising fish. The heavier "main" fly works to sink the Carp Chow dropper, but the Carp Chow is fighting this sink with a little bit of foam inside to keep it almost neutral boyant. So the pair of flies sink slowly with the Simi-Seal Leech leading the way, when they hit the bottom, the Carp Chow slowly follows the leech to the bottom. A lot of the times the fish will key in on the Leech and any movement of the flies will snap the fish around and they gobble the Chow fly fairly aggressively. I've also run this as a dropper under a large Stimulator when they are slurping the surface in the early morning and late evening. Same response as the leech, they are attracted to the surface fly, but end up taking the Chow fly.

It has been working great lately for me, I hope it works for your fish too.


AZ Wanderings Mini Hopper

Mini Hopper Fly Pattern from Ben @ Arizona Wanderings.

This is a great little hopper pattern that works excellent on the trout here in Arizona. I've also found it to work great on the panfish here in our urban and surrounding lakes. Its quick to tie, and very durable.

Tie them up in Orange, Green, Brown or any other color combinations you think might work.
- Size 12-14 hook
- 2mm Craft foam strip
- Deer or Elk hair for wing
- Dubbing to match thread
- Barred Sili Legs


AZ Foam Cicada

AZ Foam Cicada. Simple adaptation of the Absolute Hopper pattern tied to imitate the Cicadas we get here in Arizona and are a favorite food for big and aggressive fish.

- Size 10-14 hook
- 2mm Craft foam strip
- Small foam cylinder
- Fine silver wire
- Barred Sili Legs
- Super Glue


DIY Mini Silent Compressor

01After building the first DIY Silent Compressor I had an obsession to build a smaller version using a mini refrigerator motor and some re-purposed tanks for the air reservoir. Unlike the previous build, there was no donor compressor to start with. This would be a complete scratch build that required a bit more fabrication than the previous, and was quite fun to build.