harder steenbeck infinity

A very unique looking and designed airbrush from German engineers. The first thing that stands out when you pick one up is the unique trigger cam. This creates a friction free trigger pull and the smoothest and lightest I've ever tried. The trigger continuing into the body of the airbrush into a large ball that rides on the air valve. This gives a very smooth ride while engaging the air valve. The handle has very course yet smooth threads and comes off in a little over a half turn making cleaning quick. The trigger tension is adjustable with the handle still on the airbrush as well.

The unique "Quick-Fix" pre-set for the handle works great. Dial in the limit you need while doing detail work and with a quick pull back on the button you have full pull back. Simple click of the button and you're right back exactly where you were with pre-set before. I don't use the pre-set handles much on other brushes, but this one allows for quick adjustments without having to dial things back in every time. The Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve replaces the standard air valve on the airbrush and adjusts air pressure from about 20% to 100% and is very smooth in action.

There is also a unique nozzle design that allows you to change out from a .15mm tip/nozzle/cap combination to .6mm combo. The standard air cap is press fit and allows you to "pick" the needle during normal spraying to help combat tip dry.

The removable cups allow you to work from fine detail with the Micro Cup to larger automotive work with the 100ml cup. Solvent paints are not an issue here as well with Teflon needle packing and washers in the nozzles.

This is a very precise and well thought out airbrush.

Trigger: Dual-Action
Feed: 2ml Removable Gravity Feed Cup (Micro Cup, 5ml, 50ml and 100ml Optional)
Spray Size / Pattern: Micro-Line to Very Large / Round
Tip Size: .15mm (.2mm, .4mm and .6mm Optional)
Nozzle Type: Floating
Needle Packing: Teflon
Crown Cap: Removable
Features: Push Button "Quick-Fix" Pre-Set Cut-Away Handle, Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve Optional
Weight: 3.25oz / 93g

Build Quality: 10/10
Fit & Finish: 10/10
Parts Availability: 3/10
Parts Pricing: 7/10
Features: 9/10
Options: 9/10
Performance: 10/10
Price: 5/10
Value: 8/10