iwata revolution cr

This is a versatile airbrush for moderate detail and small background spraying. The larger .5mm tip/needle combination allows for spraying thicker paint as well as pearls and small flakes with ease. With the larger tip size it can empty the cup quickly so when spraying larger areas, keep on top of the paint level.

The airbrush has an optional cut-away handle for those that feel the need for them and comes standard with Teflon packing so you do not have to worry about spraying solvent based paints with this airbrush.

The build quality is typical Iwata, very precise and feels good in the hand even for an entry level airbrush. Overall this is a great airbrush for its price point.

Trigger: Dual-Action
Feed: 1/3oz Fixed Gravity Feed Cup
Spray Size / Pattern: Fine-Line to 1.5in / Round
Tip Size: .5mm (.3mm optional)
Nozzle Type: Screw In
Needle Packing: Teflon
Crown Cap: Removable
Features: n/a
Weight: 3.82oz / 108g

Build Quality: 7/10
Fit & Finish: 7/10
Parts Availability: 10/10
Parts Pricing: 7/10
Features: 4/10
Options: 4/10
Performance: 6/10
Price: 9/10
Value: 7/10