This airbrush is an inexpensive clone out of China of the Iwata airbrushes. Many different versions are out there from the TCP Global branded "Master" series to those sold out of the UK and on Ebay.

The airbrush is capable of pulling fine lines with the right paint reduction. The Micro Air Control (MAC) valve is handy for dialing down the pressure at the airbrush instead of having to adjust it on the compressor. Fit and finish on the airbrush leaves a bit to be desired but to be expected for a low cost airbrush. Parts are very inexpensive and this brush would be good for the hobbyist wanting to expand their brush selection with a .2mm brush.

Overall this airbrush performs well above its price point.

Trigger: Dual-Action
Feed: 1/3oz  Fixed Gravity Feed Cup
Spray Size / Pattern: Hair-Line to 1in / Round
Tip Size: .2mm
Nozzle Type: Screw In
Needle Packing: Teflon
Crown Cap: Removable
Features: Pre-Set Cut-Away Handle, Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve
Weight: 4oz / 114g

Build Quality: 4/10
Fit & Finish: 4/10
Parts Availability: 3/10
Parts Pricing: 9/10
Features: 7/10
Options: 5/10
Performance: 6/10
Price: 10/10
Value: 7/10